February 24, 2018


Compelling PM™ delivers Product Management and Product Marketing assessments, training, consulting and tools that fundamentally TRANSFORM the way companies do Product Management & Product Marketing, enabling them to increase product revenue and profitability by helping them more successfully plan, create, launch and market winning products.

In too many organizations, senior management does not have a clear understanding of what Product Management and Product Marketing is and isn’t and those serving in the Product Management and Product Marketing roles have not been properly trained and enabled to best understand and execute in the role. This results in many Product Teams (Product Management & Product Marketing) performing sub-optimally in their roles because they are focusing their efforts on day-to-day tactical activities that deliver marginal value and not delivering on the more important strategic contributions that results in more successful products, greater revenue and increased profitability.

In delivering its services, CompellingPM focuses on three key strategic initiatives and 24 key practices in Product Management and Product Marketing that form the foundation of all successful products. These  include:

  • Identify compelling market problems that people are willing to pay to solve
  • Defining compelling products that customers want to buy
  • Develop compelling go-to-market strategies and tools that sell the value to their target market

CompellingPM Model for Product & Market Success

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