December 18, 2017

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Speaking at SaaS University – Oct 24 to 26, 2012

I attended my first SaaS University in Austin this past February and was very impressed by the depth and quality of the sessions, making it an extremely comprehensive and informative conference on Software-as-a-Service.  Bottom line, I highly recommend it if you want to learn how to be more effective in building a SaaS company.

Patrick Fetterman from Plex delivered a provocative session entitled:  “SaaS and the Rise of Community Management (and the Death of Traditional Product Management)“.  Being a long-time product manager and now doing training and consulting in product management, of course, I took exception to many things that Patrick presented.  So I spoke with Rick Chapman, the managing editor of SoftLetter and organizer of SaaS University and proposed that I present on “The Rise of the SaaS Product Manager“.   So I’m honored to be speaking on Oct 25th at SaaS University.

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Dear Colleague:

* Looking for hard data and facts on building and improving your SaaS business operations?

* Searching for best practices information and case studies from SaaS executives who are running successful SaaS firms?

* Need to learn how to survive and prosper during this unsettled economic climate?

Softletter’s SaaS University Conference in SaaS University, Boston, MA, Oct. 24 – 26 will enable you to reach these goals! All presentations are screened for hard content and relevant case studies and will provide you the most up-to-date information backed by data and benchmarks not available anywhere else.

SaaS University in BOSTON, MA, Oct. 24 – 26 is:

** 26 separate sessions, including sessions on Big Data, integrated analytics and community, best practices in SaaS, selling professional services in SaaS, the mobile applications/SaaS connection, the impact of SaaS on product management, Cloud and infrastructure costs and choice, key SaaS business metrics and more.

** Five Keynotes focusing on key strategic issues in SaaS and the Cloud

** Five tracks: analytics and community, sales and marketing, business and metrics, SaaS services and Cloud/infrastructure and operations

** Four optional SaaS Workshops on pricing, lead and revenue generation, marketing and reseller channel evelopment

—Fast SaaS Fact: In the 2012 Softletter SaaS Report, 25% of SaaS companies reported their freemium conversion rate to sales was <1% to 3%.

NEW PROGRAM FEATURE: The SaaS University SaaS Shark Tank!

On Wednesday afternoon, for an hour and a half, three senior SaaS executives from Black Duck, Constant Contact, and Sitrus will present going from prototype to production. Then, several attendees with startup firms will provide panel members with information about the problems, challenges and issues they’re facing in bringing their product to market and receive real time advice and assistance for our distinguished panel members. Audience participation will be encouraged. The SaaS University SaaS Shark Tank is an opportunity for startups and launch stage companies to receive invaluable advice, insights and assistance from executives who have walked in your shoes and succeeded!


When the conference is over, you’ll leave reinforced by:

* A free copy of Softletter editor’s latest book, “SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business.” A $49.99 value.

* A copy of the complete proceedings on memory stick.

* A complimentary one year subscription to Softletter. A $399 value.


“SaaS University was an incredible event. In fact, it was the most valuable event I’ve attended in years. A must-attend for anyone with a SaaS business model!” – Lief Larson, CEO Workface Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the recent SaaS University hosted in Austin Texas. The high-powered speakers all displayed deep SaaS-domain expertise and the course topics were applicable to the challenges that any ISV seeking to move towards a SaaS delivery model will encounter. I highly recommend SaaS University for executives, product managers, and financial managers at companies seeking to SaaSify their portfolio.” – Bob Johnson, CEO,



We look forward to meeting you in Boston!

Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman

Publisher and Managing Editor