July 25, 2017


The Lûcrum Group is partnered with 280 Group and AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management) to offer the 280 Group’s certification prep courses to prepare you for the prestigious AIPMM Certifications.  The 280 Group courses cover all of the core material, and exams may be taken after completing the 280 Group’s self-study or in-person training programs.  The CPM®, CPMM® and ACPM® certifications are the most widely recognized in the industry, and are designed to be a vendor-independent worldwide Product Management standard that ensures that recipients have thorough knowledge of the topics covered.  The CPM and ACPM credential granted by the AIPMM crosses industry barriers as it focuses on strategies and skills considered best practices throughout many disciplines. The program outlines core thinking and skill set, which can be applied to any product at any time within the product life cycle.


Value of Product Management & Product Marketing Certifications

Achieving an AIPMM Certification benefits you and your company in the following ways:

  • Benefits For the Individual:  Differentiates you from other Product Managers and Product Marketers by demonstrating a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical product management and product marketing management, including underlying concepts, principles and terminology.
    • Advance your Product Management career
    • Get a great new job or promotion
    • Open up new opportunities in a growing market
  • Benefits For the Company:  Elevates your organization’s credibility, reputation and value withing your company as well as externally to  your customers, investors and business partners.
    • Increase team skill sets and effectiveness
    • Help your employees grow their careers
    • Increase team satisfaction
    • Ensure planning efforts are geared towards profitability and the voice of the customer

Certification Week

To facilitate your pursuit of achieving the AIPMM Certifications, we have scheduled a full week of in-person prep classes and exams to enable you to complete all of your certification goals within one week.   These are scheduled as follows:

Please check our training schedule to choose the dates that best meet your needs.

 Self Study

If you have significant Product Management or Product Marketing experience and are unable to commit to the full day training classes, 280 Group also offers options for you to prepare on your own via the self study courses.  These include: