December 18, 2017

Go-to-Market Webinar Series With DFW Product Group

CompellingPM is pleased to partner with the DFW Product Group to offer a monthly Go-to-Market Webinar Series.   During this 9 webinar series, we’ll be presenting key concepts that Product Managers and Product Marketers must know to develop and execute compelling Go-to-Market Strategies that drive revenue and success for their products.   Too often, Product Managers and Product Marketers feel like they don’t have control over revenue and success, but in these 9 webinars, we’ll show you the levers of control that you can use to own product success.

Please join us each month, from April to December 2015, as we share these practices that will enable you to spring forward in your Product Management/Product Marketing Career by being a Product Leader that takes ownership for Product Revenue & Success.

 Webinar Title  Date
The Strategic Role of Product Management & Product Marketing in Driving Product Revenue & Success  Apr 23
Developing a Deep Understanding of Your Target Markets: The Starting Point for Great Product Management & Marketing June 11
Define a Powerful Go-to-Market Strategy That Sets Your Product Apart Jun 25
Great Requirements Form the Foundation for Successful Products  Jul 16
Profitable Products Sell Value:   Why Value-Based Pricing Wins Aug 13
From Messaging Nightmare to Messaging Delight:  How to Create a Powerful Messaging Platform Sep 17
Create Effective Sales & Marketing Tools That Actually Get Used By Sales & Prospects Oct 15
Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something: Enabling Your Sales Channel to Success Nov 19
Driving the Marketing and Sales Funnel to Close Deals: What Product Marketers Must Know and Do Dec 11

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