January 19, 2018


The Lûcrum Group offers consulting services that help senior level executives ensure that they are creating, launching and managing highly successful products that lead to increases in market share, revenue and profitability.   These include the following services.

Revenue Forensics™

For senior level executives, we help you discover why you are losing customers and sales opportunities and then help you correct the product and market strategy issues that are causing these Revenue Leaks.

Market Opportunity Validation

For start-ups all the way to Global 2000 companies, we help increase your chances of a successful new product development (NPD) initiative by discovering and validating market opportunities where customers are willing to pay to solve compelling market problems and needs.

Product & Market Management Excellence™

For senior executives and leaders of product management and product marketing teams, we ensure that your product management & marketing teams have the skills, processes and deliverables to ensure that you can consistently delivering winning products

Sales Enablement

For senior level executives in product marketing, business development and sales, we help your close more deals and increase revenue by creating effective sales enablement tools.