December 18, 2017

The Strategic Role of Product Management & Product Marketing in Driving Product Revenue & Success – April 23, 2015

Way too often, Product Managers & Product Marketers make the excuse that they cannot take ownership for the success of their product in the market because there are too many factors outside to their control.  You can’t own success because sales might not do a good job of selling your product!  You can’t own success because engineering might develop a poorly performing product!  You can’t own success because you can’t get the support from management to commit the right resources!  And the list goes on.   While bad Product Managers/Marketers continue to complain about these limitations, Good Product Managers & Marketers become Strategic and take ownership of the success of their products.

In this webinar, Tom Evans shares his insight on specific actions that Product Managers & Product Marketers can take to become more strategic in their role in a way that enables them to take ownership for driving revenue and success for their products.

Key Takeaways from participating in this webinar:

    • Understand six key indicators that a Product Manager or Product Marketer is being tactical and not strategic.
    • Identify the key differences between Bad and Good Product Managers & Product Marketers
    • Learn the Strategic and Executional Levers of Control you can use to make your Product Management or Product Marketing role a stronger driver of product success.


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