August 16, 2017

How to Be a Phenomenal Product Manager

Based on the best-selling book The Phenomenal Product Manager, this is the only course in the world that teaches you how to dramatically increase your effectiveness and productivity as a product manager. 

Have you ever wondered what makes one product manager good, yet another one truly phenomenal? In many organizations there seem to be one or two product managers that stand out FAR above the crowd. What is it that they do that is different than their peers? And as a product manager (or a manager with a team of product managers) how can you learn this, rise above the crowd and significantly increase the influence you have over your product’s success?

How to be a Phenomenal Product Manager is an intensive one-day hands-on seminar that teaches this – how to be dramatically more effective and productive as a product manager. Based on the best-selling book (top 150 in Amazon business category) by Brian Lawley, CEO & Founder of the 280 Group, this course incorporates the techniques and strategies observed over his twenty-five year product management career and is based on the ten best product managers he worked with.

There are many courses that teach the fundamentals of the product management profession –gathering and prioritizing the voice of the customer and market requirements, building product roadmaps, becoming an expert on the market, customers and competition, overseeing every aspect of the product to ensure it’s success, etc. But these skills often aren’t nearly enough to be a great product manager. You must also be able to prioritize effectively against dozens of daily demands for your time, influence everyone from sales people to engineers to customers (without formal authority) and be the de facto leader for making your product delight your customers and succeed in the marketplace.

The course consists of seven modules, each with lecture, extensive discussion and hands-on exercises. Additionally, throughout the day students will be creating an action plan for how to apply what they have learned when they leave the course. The result is that they have the skills and plan in place to immediately be more effective in their day-to-day product management work.

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Course Overview

Topics Covered

  • The role (and non-role) of product management
  • Product Management Productivity
  • Negotiation and Mediation for Product Managers
  • Working more effectively with your engineering team
  • Getting sales people on your side
  • Accelerating your Product Management career
  • Becoming a Phenomenal Product Manager

What You Get From the Course

  • Intensive lecture with real-world examples from experienced instructors
  • Avoid common mistakes and leverage solutions and approaches that have already been developed and proven to succeed
  • Hands-on exercises and in-class development of personal plans
  • Walk away ready to apply your new skills and with a specific plan of action for improving in critical areas
  • Highly-interactive, small classes with extensive feedback from the instructor and other students
  • Gain an increased level of confidence about how to do your job along with concrete and specific strategic and tactical action items to apply


  • $695 per person (Discounted to $495 per person if taken as the Optional 4th Day after OPM)

All attendees receive:

  • Printed copies of all materials
  • All 280 books provided electronically
    • The Phenomenal Product Manager
    • Expert Product Management
    • Agile Excellence for Product Managers
    • 42 Rules of Product Management
  • Certificate of course completion

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