December 15, 2017

We are ProductCamp Austin

ProductCamp Austin is achieving a milestone this Saturday, Feb 16th, with the tenth edition of ProductCamp Austin.   What an amazing achievement and it really is due to the engagement and involvement of the Product Management & Product Marketing community in the Austin area.   Congratulations to all involved!!!

I have attended ProductCamp in four different cities, including Austin, and I have to say that ProductCamp Austin is one of the most dynamic communities that I have seen.   Our percentage of attendance from the PM community is outstanding and our percentage of registered attendees that also attend is much higher than other PCamps.   Great sessions combined with great networking make it a great event.   You can here some of my thoughts about ProductCamp Austin in my conversation with Cindy Solomon at ProductCamp Radio.

To celebrate our tenth ProductCamp and to emphasize the importance of the community, the planning committee launched a video campaign called ‘We are ProductCamp Austin”.   You can see the original video and my response below.


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