December 18, 2017

Review of “Saas Entrepreneur” (by Rick Chapman)

Rick Chapman has been covering the SaaS market since 2006, well before it became one of the industry’s buzzwords.   He has consolidated his extensive knowledge gained from his work with The Softletter SaaS Report, the SaaS University and other work with SaaS companies to address the unique challenges a SaaS company faces.   This book is chocked full of data and examples from the SaaS Market to provide real world guidance on starting and growing a SaaS company.  Not only does he address important concerns for a new start-up, but he also addresses how a traditional (licensed/on-premise) software company can change its business model to SaaS.  Bottom-line, I high recommend this book for anyone considering developing a product for the SaaS model.  If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can buy is at

Having said that, Rick does make some points that I believe are off target and need to be corrected.

The major issue is around his thrashing of the Product Management role.   I’ll address this in more detail in another post, but he completely misconstrues current best practices in product management and ignores some of the most important aspects of the product management role.

I’ll be sharing additional thoughts on the SaaS Entrepeneur book in future posts.

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